a Child's Life.

We strive to help local children flourish. Some children show less resilience at school due to adverse childhood experiences or trauma. Through our one-to-one mentoring program, we create a safe space for kids to focus on themselves, establish connections, and be challenged to grow. We believe fullness in life comes when you pour yourself out for others.

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Words from
the Mentors.

Amy, Balga Primary School

"At first I was reluctant to ‘take on’ mentoring with 12 Buckets as I questioned what great skill or life achievement I could offer as someone with the official title of “Mentor”. However, after meeting my allocated student and getting to know her a little, I swiftly realised my question was unfounded as I had exactly what was needed; my time and my attention. She and I have been a partnership for two years now and I can say it’s been nothing short of a joy and a privilege. Being in her life has allowed us each to shine a little both in what we offer the other and in what we receive back.”

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the Children.

Rohit, 12

"12 Buckets has changed my life. It has helped me to be who I really am and to feel like I am supposed to be here… where I am."