Nicki Mckenzie


Nicki joined the 12 Buckets team in 2016 and has over ten years’ experience in the community sector. She is driven by her passion to help others and inspired by those who pour themselves out to fill others up. She is committed to the 12 Buckets Vision and enjoys engaging with the children in the mentoring programs.

She loves Mahatma Gandhi’s quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”.

Nicki is happily married with two beautiful daughters and two gorgeous grandchildren.

shapeLarissa Muir

Larissa Muir

Operations Manager

Larissa Muir has worked in the community services sector for the last 10 years with experience working in disability, mental health, youth, and homelessness. Larissa uses her curiosity to understand how we connect in community to break down barriers and make the world around us more accessible for all. Larissa is an avid Richmond Tigers supporter with her weekends committed to supporting her beloved Tigers from the west. Larissa is excited to connect, share her knowledge and experiences with everyone.

shapeSarah McLeod

Sarah McLeod

Marketing Manager

Sarah describes herself as happy, idealistically driven and positive person who strives to achieve awesome outcomes through great collaboration, creative thinking and hard work. Sarah is an experienced Marketing Manager with an extensive history working within a diverse range of industries. Sarah believes communication is the cornerstone and fundamental way in which we relate to each other. She thrives on generating outcomes working with teams through communication and collaboration. Sarah enjoys helping people be the best version of themselves, and through her volunteer work joined the charity 12 Buckets. 12 Buckets helps local children to flourish regardless of background or circumstance. The bucket imagine represents the underlying philosophy that fullness in life comes when you pour yourself out for others.


Tania Thomas

School Liaison Koondoola

Tania comes from a 20 year teaching background where she has taught in both Primary and Secondary schools. She also teaches ballet at a local ballet school in Perth.

Tania loves the connections she makes with students whilst teaching and is passionate about helping them to be the best version of themselves they can be.

Tania recently completed a Post-Graduate Diploma in Counselling which led her to reaching out to 12 Buckets to see how she could be involved in this fantastic organisation.

In her spare time Tania volunteers at her own children’s schools, loves taking her dogs to the beach and enjoys travelling to different places in WA.


Nikki Ruscoe

School Liaison Officer Balga

Nikola comes from a background in Office Administration but recently discovered her passion for working with children and families. This led her to complete her Diploma of Community Services.

She has been married to Dean for 18 years and they have two beautiful teenage children.

Nikola loves to travel and experience different places and cultures and loves listening to music.

shapeNick McKeig

Nick McKeig

School Liaison Officer Boyare & Koondoola Primary School

Nick is passionate about helping young people find their place in the world. He strives to do this by creating welcoming environments where people can explore their passions… and have a fun time doing so!

He has worked in disability support over the recent years and graduated from a degree in psychology. Through his support of young people in both disability support, and community work, Nick has seen the importance of mentoring and the difference that it can make to young people’s lives. In his downtime Nick enjoys writing music and weightlifting. He brings his experience to share with everyone at 12 Buckets.

shapeMabel Brooks

Mabel Brooks

School Liaison Office North Balga Primary School

Mabel has worked as an administrator for over twenty years in a myriad of industries, including finance, media, social services and not-for-profit, before joining 12 Buckets. Her biggest passion is empowering people she meets and supporting them to bring a positive change to their lives.

Mabel is happily married to her husband, Dan, for the 15 years and together, they have a son, Isaac. Mabel is an avid reader who also enjoys learning, cooking, baking, doing art projects, reading and writing.

shapeLucy Twynham

Lucy Twynham

Youth Co-ordinator

Lucy started out in Childcare and Child Development before diversifying. Through further study, she progressed into the disability and mental health sector for 8 years and loved every minute of it. Lucy has worn many hats and feels she has learned and developed so much from spending time with individuals from all walks of life.

Lucy has gained much life experiences from her many travels. From living in the outback on a station, sleeping in an aeroplane hangar while mustering cattle on horseback, to digging trenches on a station and sleeping under stars. Her attitude is “give it your best shot”

Lucy believes in finding a positive in most situations and communication is paramount. She is passionate in the work that she does and about helping others. Naturally chatty, Lucy enjoys getting to know people and it’s a joke within her family that she could probably talk under water if she tried.

Lucy is now happily settled in Perth and a busy mum, but still enjoys adventuring whenever she can.

shapeRichard Bentley

Richard Bentley

Chairman and Board Member

Drawing on his 20 plus years’ experience owning and running his own successful IT and Location Intelligence Company, Richard is currently guiding a Start-up Company into a commercial going concern. Richard comes from a mixed public/private sector working background and was a Cartographer in his early years.

Richard is a mentor with 12 Buckets and greatly enjoys the reward of working with the children at Koondoola Primary School. Richard is in his second year of mentoring and wants to draw on his experience of raising four, now adult children, to help guide the 12 Bucket’s students.

This is his first Board role with a NFP organisation and he is excited to be involved at multiple levels of the organisation. Richard is keen to use all of his personal and professional skills and knowledge to help the 12 Bucket’s team in realising their operational goals.

shapeTravis Fitch

Travis Fitch

Founder & Board Member

Travis is the founder of 12 Buckets. He has over 20 years’ experience in community services, volunteer management and social entrepreneurship. Travis was instrumental in the initial design and successful implementation of 12 Buckets’ programs and operations and continues his involvement with 12 Buckets as a Board Member.

Outside of 12 Buckets, Travis is a Senior Consultant with Oasis People and Culture supporting Executive and Senior Management teams in the development of their relational health and maturity that leads to high performance in a constantly changing world. Additionally, Travis supports the Warwick Senators State Basketball League Men’s team in the areas of culture development, chaplaincy and personal coaching.

shapeJade Thompson

Jade Thompson

Board Member

Jade is a mum to three deadly sons whom give her husband and her the greatest sense of purpose and joy. They inspire them daily to help prepare young people for the world, and the world for them. She is a recent Murdoch graduate with a BA in Education Studies, and committed to the pursuit of reconciliation in the state and country.

In her personal and professional capacity, she promotes education and the power of connection as drivers on the road to empowerment and the actualisation of potential. She is energised when working alongside dedicated people in roles that truly align her ‘head’ and ‘heart’ work, for the benefit our children, families and communities. 12 Buckets provides one of those rare opportunities which allows Jade to do just that.

shapeHelen Bathurst

Helen Bathurst

Board Member

Helen is a Partner at PwC in Perth, with over 13 years’ experience at PwC, working both in the UK and Australia.

Her areas of expertise include financial accounting and reporting, financial audit, contact compliance, risk and controls advisory and transactional support.

Helen’s experience in the not for profit sector includes working with major charities such as the Royal National Institute for the Blind and The Prostate Cancer Foundation as well as smaller growing charities, for example, Magic Breakfast, who deliver healthy breakfast to under privileged children in Central London’s low income schools.

Her involvement with these charities extended to providing insight and advice on the strategic direction of these charities.

shapeAnnie Hill

Annie Hill

Board Member

Annie Hill is a business owner with over 30 years’ experience. Her team currently operate six McDonald’s restaurants in the Perth region. Throughout her career she has worked to forge new partnerships between McDonald’s, community groups and valuable sponsors. She created the first regional Ronald McDonald House Ball and went on to chair the RMH Perth Ball.

She has been an ardent leader in her field, providing opportunity and recognition to her team and peers by focusing on wellbeing, values and networking. She challenges the status quo and culture of organisations whilst remaining committed to help them flourish.

It is her love of mentoring that led to her involvement with 12 Buckets and her subsequent role on the Board.