At 12 Buckets, we believe that meaningful connections can change lives. By purchasing a Gift of Connection you are giving local WA kids the opportunity to connect with our trusted volunteer mentors in our in-school and after school mentoring programs.

These programs allow us to provide a safe space for kids to connect with volunteer mentors, where we use connection to spark creativity, allowing the kids room to reflect and create opportunities for their own success. The generosity of this Gift of Connection has a direct impact on the lives of the children in our programs, preventing them from falling further behind their peers.

How it works

Show your appreciation for the people in your life by supporting a cause that aligns with their values and passions.
Each donation in someone’s name comes with a customisable email and an e-card, allowing you to share your heartfelt message with the recipient.

This compassionate gift choice builds a sense of connection, unity, and gives hope for a better future for our young people.

Each purchase represents a tax-deductible donation to 12 Buckets on your behalf.

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