Telethon Community Cinemas’ Raffle Season 2023




WIN a $10,000 worth of AMPOL fuel vouchers

Purchase a book of 10x Raffle tickets for $30 (all proceeds of your purchase via our website will go to 12 Buckets!)
Prize winner receives: $10,000 worth of AMPOL fuel vouchers

Terms & Conditions

  • Only ONE prize is available
  • The raffle winner is to receive a $10,000 in fuel vouchers as their prize
  • The fuel vouchers are non-transferable or redeemable for cash once received
  • The fuel vouchers have a three (3) year expiry date from date of issue by AMPOL
  • The fuel vouchers will be in individual denominations of $25 and/or $50 each subject to availability. AMPOL and Telethon Community Cinemas reserve the right to modify the denominations should circumstances require
  • The security and safety of the vouchers are exclusively the responsibility of the prize winner once received
  • Any voucher(s) lost, stolen or destroyed will not be replaced by AMPOL or Telethon Community Cinemas
  • Raffle Permit LS218969022 Permit Holder: Ken Gibbons 0403 560 684
  • Raffle will be drawn on 5 May 2023
  • The results will be published on Telethon Community Cinemas’ Facebook Page on 16 May 2023
  • There is a $2 postage and booking fee applicable at checkout