Volunteering at TCC is so much fun!

More than we ever imagined!

Have you ever tried something new and been totally surprised by the outcomes, in a good way?

In 2018 we were super excited at 12 Buckets when we became a charity partner of Telethon Community Cinemas (TCC). This partnership provided 12 Buckets with unique fundraising tools so we could raise much needed funds to run our life changing mentoring program for young children. We had never imagined that we could raise funds for the charity if people volunteered at the outdoor cinemas or from selling movie and raffle tickets.

Neither myself or my husband, Gary, had never volunteered at the outdoor cinemas; although we were determined to make the most of this opportunity. We signed up to volunteer having little idea of what to expect. As we head into our fourth season I am not sure either of us would have believed what could come from our volunteering experience at TCC.

We knew when we volunteered a minimum ten times during the five month movie season that we were raising valuable funds for 12 Buckets (WIN) and we knew that every time we volunteered we would get a free movie ticket to come back and watch another movie (WIN) and we knew we would be volunteering with like-minded people as everyone at the outdoor movies is a volunteer (WIN)

The volunteer experience and partnership with Telethon Community Cinemas are more than we could ever have imagined!

From that first season, we met other volunteers as the season progressed and through conversations in the candy bar, at the gate or over the bean bags, friendships were forming. For us, these friendships have continued to strengthen season after season so much so that we get together socially as friends, in the ‘off season’ and have a great time. We are all different ages with different backgrounds yet all get on great and are here to support each other. We really enjoy the movie season and look forward to volunteering with our friends again soon.

Telethon Community Cinemas has become our biggest fundraiser of 12 Buckets for the past three years thanks to the generous donation of time from our volunteers as well as businesses/individuals who have purchased Value Cards and movie tickets.

I have always loved a Win-Win situation although with TCC it is more like Win-Win-Win. Volunteers win, the community wins and children’s charities win.

If you can spare one night (only 4 hours) a fortnight then I totally recommend this volunteering opportunity. This could be for you, family, friends or colleagues.

Fullness comes in life when you pour yourself out for others.

So, if you would you like a bit more fullness in your life then we would love you to volunteer for 12 Buckets this movie season. Simply click here to get the journey started.


Nicki McKenzie

12 Buckets CEO

(TCC outdoor cinemas are located at Burswood, Joondalup, Bassendean and Murdoch making it convenient for everyone)